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· Two weeks later, Green posted a video announcing she’d been engaging with people who held alternate opinions and that she was willing to adjust her beliefs as she considered new viewpoints. She also began dating Chris Ray Gun, an anti-feminist YouTuber who had criticized Green in the past. People Had Suspected, But Now It’s Confirmed. Chris Ray Gun is Giving Laci Green The D. 88 comments Facebook 0. Twitter 0. Pinterest 0. Mail 0. I don’t like Chris Ray Gun, mostly because he took a shot at me in a video when I had never even interacted with him. Hell, I had barely even heard of the dude at that time. Still, that’s a Feminists harassing Laci Green for dating a "gamergator" User Info: infinitys_7th. That's not harassment. Also as a feminist, I have much more of a problem with what she said in her recent video than dating Chris Ray Gun or whoever he is. If you think "anti-SJW," people ever have a valid point, you're probably wrong. Let's talk about white feminists This is Laci Green the poster child for SJWs and white feminists on Youtube She made a name for herself as the quintessential SJW discussing a var · RE: I call out feminist Laci Green (she wants to censor Youtube) Any woman who pretends to be redpilled or something along the line is so full of shit. The white knight phalanx that springs up to defend them is as bad as the male feminists and orbiters on the other side of the fence. virtual dating isochron answers · Laci’s views actually haven’t changed at all. The only thing that has changed is that she is now willing to engage the other side. She still identifies as a feminist and everything. Her boyfriend is not alt-right and she does not hang out with any alt-right people. Chris … Needless to say, many of Green’s million fans were not happy. Second, Green recently began dating Chris Ray Gun, a YouTuber who occasionally pokes fun at Political Correctness. This, by itself, led to accusations she was a traitor to feminism, as well as an indication no white people can ever be … · Is She Still Dating Chris Ray Gun? Green with her boyfriend, Chris Ray Gun. Wondering if the gorgeous YouTube star is still dating Chris Ray Gun? Well, the answer is yes. Green has been in a relationship with the controversial YouTube star since Meanwhile, Chris Ray Gun is also a popular figure on the internet. She began dating YouTuber and political satirist Chris Ray Gun in April It caused quite a stir, as Gun, at best, can be defined as an anti-feminist. In a video titled ‘Taking the Red Pill’ (an allusion to the movie ‘Matrix’), uploaded on May 11, Green stated that although she is still a feminist, she is open to conversation with Wait she's actually dating Chris Ray Gun? I thought that was jokes since they became friends after meeting in real life and Chris opened her mind. - # added by riayl at SJWs get triggered by Laci Green's relationship with CRG

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· I'm mostly tired of the drama. Really. Laci is a YouTuber I discovered a while ago when I realized that my kids didn't want me to teach them about sex anymore than I did. I watched a bunch of her stuff over a couple of years to make sure she was c · Of course, Laci Green is not just exchanging ideologies, she is also dating suspected white supremacist YouTuber, Chris Ray Gun. He is a white nerd who does commentary on his stance against Islam, feminism and black people as he shares his acute views that they practice racial double standards. And you act like "avoiding" the issue is a bad thing, but what exactly is the issue anyway? Word choice denoting aggressive behavior? The use of "attack" is not a big deal. If Laci Green does things that snark would call "stupid and shitty" we call it "stupid and shitty". --It's-a me, 🎄 Lefty Green Mario!🎄 , 25 November (UTC) 27 year old dating 17 year old Chris Ray Gun is Giving Laci Green The D. This American Life dedicated half of their most recent episode to Laci’s story, and I would say it’s worth a listen. I didn’t actually listen myself, though, I just read the transcript. I would say either are worthwhile endeavors. LACI GREEN vs FEMINISM? - Ray Gun Recap - Duration: 13 minutes. 1, , views; 2 years ago ... 7 GBA GAMES STILL WORTH PLAYING IN 2019! (feat Chris Ray Gun, Glink and more!) - Duration: 14 minutes. ... Follow this Social Justice Warrior as he takes every chance he gets to undermine Chris Ray Gun's messages. 1:42. BATMAN OFFENDS ME! - # ... All Chris Ray Maldonado fans would love to know his real phone number. YouTube personality best known for his channel Chris Ray Gun. He has garnered popularity there for his political and pop culture satire via vlogs and original music. He also occasional posts video gameplay montages. He began dating fellow YouTuber Laci Green in ... Feminists are losing their shit over Laci Green dating Chris Ray Gun. Because I was too lazy to make an effort So basically, the most popular non-celebrity feminist confirmed yesterday that she is dating Chris Ray Gun, a pretty big anti-PC culture youtuber. · FULL DISCLOSURE: Laci Green and I are good friends as of late, so keep that in mind while watching this video. Well, I couldn't have picked a better time to get back into the swing of this YOUTUBE · A tale of two feminists Anita Sarkeesian and Laci Green: ... pieces on internet outlets condemned Green’s “betrayal”—and outrage became a firestorm when word spread that Green was actually dating Chris Ray Gun. Critics said she should not date vile folks like him, “not even if … Is chris still dating Laci Green. Close. Posted by. u/boiuuglythegod. 1 year ago. Archived. Is chris still dating Laci Green. I haven't heard Chris talk about Laci Green in a while, is he still with her? 8 comments. share. save hide report. 96% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by.

Feminists are losing their shit over Laci Green dating

Laci Green (born October 18, ) is an American YouTuber. Her content focuses on sex education; Green also hosted Braless, the first MTV YouTube channel, as part of a week deal with MTV. The first episode aired November 4, 2014. In 2016, Time named her one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet. In 2017, she celebrated her tenth anniversary on YouTube. · Feminist Laci Green has faced backlash from left-wing activists, radical feminists, and former friends after she was revealed to be in a relationship with popular anti-SJW YouTuber Chris Ray Gun. Some feminists have reinvigorated the call to ostracize prominent fellow feminist Laci Green for dating a so-called anti-LGBTQ YouTuber. “Injured” feminists began a public harassment campaign and compiled a dossier exposing Green’s private information roughly a year ago, after it came out that Green, famous for her educational videos on sex, was dating Chris Ray Gun. · She took a six month break, in which she started hanging out with Chris Ray Gun and eventually dating him (They are a confirmed couple). Laci then did soul searching, realized I guess that her old self wasn't achieving much and that the SJ community was often toxic and self destructive and decided she wanted open dialog because she felt the old way wasn't working and then appeared on … She's also dating Chris Ray Gun, MILLION subscribers, and she can walk away from ALL OF THAT and still be loved and have her needs met because she's white. Laci Green is one of the most known, if not the most known SJW on Youtube. And if she can turn her back on people of color and fuck a white supremacist, how the FUCK do you think ... SJWs Melt Down After Feminist YouTuber Says Scientifically Correct Thing About The Sexes I've noticed that quite a few of you still follow Laci Green so I'm letting you know that Laci Green is · The defection of Laci Green. Posted on July 18, by Dale Husband. ... Green still tries to present herself as liberal in her feminism and insists that she does believe “trans women are women”. ... including YouTubers like Chris Ray Gun, who she is rumoured to be dating. season finale dating naked SJWs get triggered by Laci Green's relationship with CRG. . so - F Zinnia Jonesy (iii) 'NP'' Ill? 2!! Mll DID "itt) L) 8: )) / sleeping with someone is y. actua. Upload. Anime & Manga CYOA Marvel Cringe Video Games Memes GIFs Webms Unlimited Fate Works YouTube Videos. Login or register. Login / … Laci Green is a 30 year old American Personality. Born on 18th October, in Utah, United States, she is famous for YouTube. Her zodiac sign is Libra. Laci Green is a member of the following lists: People from San Francisco, California, University of California, Berkeley alumni and births. · NOW GO TO BED AND DROP IT And Good luck kids Remember everyone else still gotta get the hotel money! Laci Green Is Dating Chris Ray Gun! THE ONLY RESPONSE NEEDED ... Laci Green X Chris Ray Gun ...

People Had Suspected, But Now It's Confirmed. Chris Ray

A while ago I fell into the whole laci green chris ray gun stuff, and while I still love Chris's videos, I'm pretty sure he and laci broke up, so I dont really watch her content anymore. I saw a video with both of them, and Billie the fridge was in it, and ive noticed him in … · Is celebrity feminist Laci Green backpedaling away from feminism? Chris Maldonado, a.k.a. Chris Ray Gun. Don't date alt-right. ... and she can walk away from ALL OF THAT and still be … · Chris Rage Gun @ChrisRGun. Comedian, YouTuber, amateur musician, cohost of Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast. Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen. ... Chris w/ Laci, Chris & Anisa are friends, Anisa w/ Ian. We are 1 couples dinner away from Laci on a segway eating chicken strips. · Laci Green is an American YouTuber whose content mainly deals with sex education, feminism, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Her online pseudonym is GoGreen Celebrating her tenth anniversary on YouTube in 2017, Green has amassed … · "Laci Green is one of the most known, if not the most known SJW on Youtube. ^ She's dating another Youtube personality named Chris Ray Gun who has posted "anti-SJW" videos in the past. Looks like he injected some red pills vaginally into her. 06-05-2017 12:30 PM: · Popular Feminist Gets Blasted For Dating A Not Super Feminist Dude. was dating Chris Ray Gun. ... Green is still dating Chris Gun. Nope never, and she still looks chubby in the video, just not as much. Chris Ray Gun, famous anti-sjw YouTuber her boyfriend . Anon-ymous1. 1 y. ... Home > Technology & Internet > Did anyone else think Laci Green used to be hot? Most Helpful Opinion(mho) Rate. Learn more. Yes No . … being plus size and dating With all the news in of laci justice warriors trying laci silence opponents and college administrators sometimes complicit in that, the encouraging she is that prominent SJW Dating Green chose online over war—and if she she, others can too. On May 11, Green posted a new online on her YouTube channel. Gun has apparently really confused people. Laci Green ranks # among the Most Girl-Crushed-Upon Celebrity Women. Is she dating or bisexual? Why people had a crush on her? Hot bikini body … · When it comes to Laci Green, the writing has always been on the wall and feminism in earnest while watching Laci Green’s Sex+ videos. ... date Twitter user and alt-right brodude Chris Ray ...