Strike Force Heroes 3 Hacked: Few Facts To Know

Strike force heroes is a two player shooting game which is widely played all over the internet world. This game has come a long way since its launch and till now three versions have emerged in the market. Its latest version Strike Force Heroes 3 Hacked got equally warmed welcome from its fans. In the game, players are seen fighting and saving their spaceship from alien attacks using different weapons and tactical moves. Game keep getting difficult with each passing level and ends after a player successfully eliminate all threats posed on their shuttle.

Plot Of Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked

The story continues one year when events of Strike Force Heroes 2.

After GlobeX was defeated and their clones troopers’ signal close up, The somebody, United Nations agency was originally ally of the military took over the GlobeX company and reprogrammed veterans from Strike Force Heroes army: Jyn, Dex, Nathan and Tower United Nations agency were captured throughout the ultimate battle in SFH a pair of, so that they work for them. He somehow turned the signal that steam-powered clones back once more and created the military of clones that took over the globe, promising to his men that the globe can burn and solely Strike Force Heroes are going to be answerable. Back within the SFH base in South America, Wesley, the sole hero United Nations agency wasn’t captured by GlobeX, gets a warning of another clone attack, diode by his former squadmates. He then becomes the commander of the unit, substitution General West United Nations agency died in previous operations. He should recruit new troopers to fight back and save the globe from clone apocalypse. He then recruits Glen Gebhard, the shooter, and continues recruiting till SFH army grows enough to defeat the clones.

Throught the campaign the SFH fight against several troopers in numerous locations and conjointly against the Delta team of Strike Force Heroes and Next Generation heroes. Their final mission takes them to town wherever they fight against GlobeX’s greatest clones microphone and Justin United Nations agency use the most effective powers on them. however the SFH kills them. once somebody finds out microphone and Justin area unit dead, he starts answerable his co employees for the loss. He takes machine guns and kills all of them in his workplace, creating a massacre in GlobeX headquarters. but he continues smiling and says he can still “suceed wherever his predecesor failed” (making alliance with Strike Force Heroes).

Although the clone army that unfold everywhere the globe was defeated, GlobeX was still active and therefore the SFH had no plan United Nations agency was the leader and wherever did the signal come back from. In South yankee Base of Operations, Wesley receives a message from the previous GlobeX leader, United Nations agency reveals himself alive when being killed by Wesley on his mech in his conceive to destroy the globe one year before. He offers facilitate fighting against GlobeX voice communication “Globex eh…I may be able to facilitate with that”.

No doubt game is fun to play and kinda addictive aswell. After its release in 2015, it has received huge fan following and players praise. So, just play strike force heroes 3 hacked unblocked at school and enjoy.